Turkey: by J

istanbultravelbooksThrilled to be heading to Turkey this weekend. I’ll be taking a little blog hiatus for the next three weeks, and look forward to seeing you all when I’m back.

Please pass on any Turkey knowledge you might have!

xo J



apple tart: by J

appletartThis is one of the best desserts I’ve eaten in ages. From a little spot when I was back in Vancouver called Beaucoup Bakery.

I’m convinced everything they make must be delicious.

xo J


cider love: by J


I’ve got a big thing for cider. A good cider is crisp, clean tasting, with no overriding sweetness, and it has little else than apples and yeast in the ingredient list.

I have a couple favorites at the moment locally, Bite Hard Apple Cider out of Booneville, CA, back home I discovered Left Field Cider Co, from BC, and a bigger more easily found brand is Angry Orchard.

When looking for a cider I weed out any with added sugar, juice concentrate, or other sweetener types, I like few ingredients, and another often good sign for me is a higher alcohol percentage (between 6-9%).

In any case they’re generally affordable, drinkable, and as a bonus gluten free.

I’ve also been known use them in my sangria in replace of soda, be warned, this will be a high alcohol sangria.

xo J

farm tour: by J

mariquita1 mariquita2I love spending the day walking the fields and learning about the thoughts and methods of local farmers.

Andy of Mariquita Farms known for his specialty crops, like the popularization of the padron pepper, spigarello, and many more, is one of those unique farmers who gives you a sense of the hardship and necessity of farming.

I haven’t spent much of my life paying attention to these things, but since I have the importance and beauty is unmistakable.

xo J


Douglas Coupland Exhibit: by J


DouglasCoupland2I also had time to check out the Douglas Coupland exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery, while back home.

A mixed media exhibition, it engages with the concepts of Canadianness and the 21st century psyche. I’ve always been a big fan of his writing, and found the exhibit an amazing compliment.

Ending September 1st, I highly recommend checking it out if you can.

xo J


Vancouver urban agriculture: by J

urbanfarm3urbanfarm2urbanfarm1 I was super happy to see these little patches of urban farming-gardening throughout Vancouver.

Vancouver’s always been a green city, but this urban gardening is a welcome new addition.

The top is from a community garden with individual plots on Davie street, the second from a community farm on Hastings, and the third a view of some raised beds as I walked over the Georgia viaduct.

xo J


Shika Provisions: by J

shika1 shika2 shika3

Settling back in after my trip to Vancouver. It was so beautiful to be back with family and friends, with perfect summer days, and a city that feels like home and something new at the same time.

One of the absolute highlights was getting to check out my dear friend Mitsumi’s new cafe shop Shika Provisions. I am so blown away and happy for her and her husband, to have created such an incredible place. The food is homemade, healthy, uses local produce, and is beyond delicious.

A short and stunning ferry ride away from the mainland, you could easily pop over to Shika to grab lunch or a picnic box before exploring a little of Bowen Island. Conveniently located on the dock where the ferry lands, it’s easily accessible even if you don’t have a car.

We headed to the beach and picnicked after a quick swim in the ocean, as the sun set.

Feeling lucky,

xo J