Tea Love

I miss having tea with K. Especially at hidden gem YakiniQ in SF’s Japantown.

Tea has a comfort to it and an ease. While coffee is luxurious and a pick me up. Tea soothes and relaxes.

I love green tea in the morning, specifically the grassiness of sencha, or the nutiness of genmaicha. Vanilla rooibos is perfect in the late afternoon, and is supposed to be great for your skin.

Recently I heard that tea bags are filled with tea factory floor sweepings, the internet has provided inconclusive findings in regards to this….ewww.

For now I will stick to loose leaf, or full leaf tea bags. Can someone please prove this to be a myth?

On a brighter note this is a perfect excuse to stock up on Zero Japan’s adorable teapots.

The little guy above only seems to come in white on the website. I found him in grey at a nearby shop which has since relocated.

K introduced me to this brand of tea.

And I buy this tea every time I am in Toronto.

xo J

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