Item I wear so often it’s embarrassing…

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So I am not the greatest shopper. This does not mean I don’t love new clothing or lack any excitement when I see the perfect summer dress hanging in the window of some random store.  What it means is simply, I am a terrible shopper.  I have zero patience when it comes to a sale rack, I don’t care how “great a deal it is” and I actually have a physical reaction when I walk into any department store.  Thank god for manikins and more recently in my life, thank god for bloggers who write posts entitled “The Summer Sandal You’ve Been Looking For!”  with a link directing me right to that perfect sandal.  So it goes without saying that when I find an item of clothing that I love, I wear it to death.

Right now in my life that item of clothing is the appropriately named, Perfect Chambray Shirt from MadeWell.  I don’t feel too badly about my lack of originality day to day since itself says, “…you will wear this shirt constantly”.  I think that makes it OK to wear it constantly. The beauty of this shirt is that you can wear it open, shut, tied, tucked, with or without jewelry, with a  skirt, with your comfy hang out jeans – I mean the possibilities really are endless. And that helps me tremendously.  Not only that, but this shirt works in every season – which any east coaster can tell you – having an item of clothing you don’t have to pack away 3/4ths of the year is pretty miraculous.   When in doubt, on a morning where I just want to feel good without thinking too hard about it,  I throw that shirt on and I instantly feel comfortable, casual, stylish and…happy. As you can imagine, these endless possibilities can get dangerous and sometimes I need to put this fabulous shirt in the back of my closet to trick myself into thinking it doesn’t exist.  It’s not the most effective way but it certainly keeps me from wearing the thing 5 days in a row.

My feeling is, the point is to feel good right? So if you find something that makes you feel good because of how it elongates your torso or cinches in your waist or gives you the 2 inches in height you desperately wish you had, then you do it. And you feel great about it.

xoxo K


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