The uniform: by J

I also own the perfect chambray shirt from K’s post, and wear it constantly.

I wish I could say there was only one thing I wear so often it is embarrassing. But for the most part I wear the same couple of things all the time. While I do have a little bulk in my closet from items I haven’t had the heart to part with, I have a pretty small wardrobe.

tshirt/ denim/ sunglasses/ parka/ moccasins

When I look back I realize I’ve always been this way. At around 7 I wore black tights and a Disney t-shirt everyday to school. It never even occurred to me that this was strange. Well not until one girl came up to me and asked why I always wear the same thing.

I remember feeling really embarrassed, and to this day I try to dress at least a little differently each day. I always own just 1 of an item, and I wear it until it needs to be tossed.

I’ve had friends or family tease that they are surprised to see me in something other than a certain sweater or shirt, and they are right to.

But I don’t think I’ll change, because when I get dressed I want to feel relaxed and easy in what I put on. I don’t want to fuss with it.

I dress simply, and I often feel less put together than I’d like. I figure most of us do.

What I wear is almost a uniform. Skinny jeans, loose fitting t-shirt with a thin parka style jacket and moccasins. Sometimes tights and the chambray shirt instead, and usually a messy top bun. It’s a good uniform for life, for dog walking, farmer’s markets, coffee with friends.

I’ll stick with it for now.

Happy Friday,

xo J


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