Weekend in Tribeca


I spent this weekend apartment sitting for a great friend of mine in one of the nicest areas of NYC.  The quiet, cobblestone, pedestrian friendly streets combined with old NYC architecture gives Tribeca the charm of a tucked away spot in an old european city. One of my favorite things to do this summer has been meeting my friend for a glass of wine on the out door patio of one of the many adorable restaurants on Greenwich Street. Needless to say I had a great time pretending I lived in this fancy part of town. Not to be braggy, but I am really good at pretending I am this fancy.

Eating wise I didn’t do too badly this weekend either. Saturday night I gathered a group of friends and went to one of my very favorite spots in possibly my favorite area of Manhattan.



Emporio is an amazing, affordable Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Nolita (North of Little Italy). Top notch NY brick oven pizza, small portions of delicious pastas, simple meat and fish dishes, fresh cheese and meat spreads, a grilled octopus and roasted potato appetizer I dream about, I won’t even get into how great the desert menu is and last but certainly not least an extensive list of unique refreshing cocktails and Italian wines.  As if that weren’t enough, the rustic italian decor and massive sky light looking out onto charming city apartment windows – clothes lines and all – make Emporio an absolute go-to on any night.  I am ashamed to say I have not experienced their brunch yet, but have only heard delicious things.

Sunday morning I woke up in my adorable studio apartment – see how I did that – and took a walk to a new cafe that just opened up on Greenwich and Beach St called Kaffe 1668.  They have a variety of different blends of fresh coffee, home made pastries and healthy sandwiches for lunch time. This morning I sat with my book, a cappuccino and an avocado and egg sandwich on toasted whole grain bread. Delicious.

The logo for this sweet cafe is a sheep. When you walk inside, all you see are sheep.  Sheep on the coffee cups, sheep on the walls…plus actual wooden sheep with what looks like cotton fur, scattered all over.  Look out for the black sheep that pops up on a coffee cup every once in awhile. The first few times I came here I didn’t think much of the sheep, but more recently I decided these sheep weren’t there just to be cute. What was the story? Well I don’t know how late to the game I am on this one, but apparently coffee was discovered by sheep in Ethiopia. I am not joking.

Also, this is very cute.


Italian food, cobblestone streets, some solid cafe reading time, sheep and cappuccinos – all in all it was a great NYC weekend.

xoxo K


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