The imperfect top knot

I’m pretty lazy about my hair. And when I say pretty, I actually mean really really lazy.

I wear it two ways: down or in a messy top bun, or maybe a ponytail.

I get it cut professionally about once a year when I decide to go short. The rest of the time I trim it myself while letting it grow. Horrible right!?!

I’m always in awe of women who have beautifully styled hair. It just looks so polished and chic. The best I could do was to cut a deal with my hair. I don’t mess with it too much and it promises to stay reasonably presentable, emphasis on the reasonably.

A Cup of Jo’s hair tutorials give me a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak hair landscape.

Below is my attempt at the perfect knot.

I’m pretty sure Caroline of BRVTVS has magic hair. But I did my best with my regular hair. And it is a step up from my usual top knot, which is more of a folded half mess. Oh well, I’ve learned to accept my limitations in this department.

K probably doesn’t know this, but when I first met her I was convinced she coloured her hair because it is the most beautiful, rich brown colour. But it turns out it’s just her gorgeous Italian genes shining through.

Also my black hair has a small army of invading greys. I love Becca’s post at the daily muse on greyisms. It expresses perfectly everything I feel about my own sprouting greys. I still haven’t decided what to do with them, but Mayaan in the article Becca references gives me so much hope. Her grey hair is stunning!

I wish I could share some amazing tips or ticks, but all I can really say is, hey what ever you are doing it is probably leaps beyond what I am.

xo J


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