I always knew moving here that things could change quickly. When we made the move we weren’t looking for stability. We were open to adventure and something new. I’m not a thrill seeker by any means, and for the most part I consider myself to be kind of an old lady.

So the change we are now facing is really hard to be prepared for, despite its expectedness.

The hubs’ work situation changed suddenly, and honestly I have no idea where we will be in two months. It is crazy to say that. Like literally no idea. We could be anywhere from LA to Vancouver or someplace in between, or as far as Toronto, or even somewhere that I haven’t had the guts to think up yet.

I feel excited, and also sad. Sad because I know that the time we are in right now has already passed in some ways.

We had a big dinner last night, and I kept joking that it was our community getting together figuring out these crazy times. But the truth is, this is our community. There are others that have made up our life here, but the hubs had a unique situation. He worked on a daily basis with some of his closest friends, and living here I had the beautiful opportunity to make them and their partners my friends to.

So we sat down with a dinner of pasta and salad, and we talked and we all laughed, and we knew that no matter what happened, things would change.

I am grateful for these people, and for the fact that we will be okay. We adopted our rescue pup here, I got to know K, and I learned what a true commitment to yoga would mean (thank you Darcy).

So if we have to say goodbye, I’ll be okay. And hopefully wherever we find ourselves next it will be equally fraught with wonder and excitement. And sometime in the near future I would like to feel more settled, as much as I will always know that things can change, and change quickly.

For now, I’ll stick to regular posts, and update you when we know more.

xo J

ps. a poem on kindness

“Before you know what kindness really is
you must lose things,
feel the future dissolve in a moment…”


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