Weekend adventures of Shanti & K

This weekend I am dog sitting a friends sweet little pug named Shanti.  The good news is, she is 10 years old so she knows what she wants when she wants it and there is very little guessing on my part. The bad news is, she is 10 years old and she knows what she wants when she wants it and I can’t say a damn thing about it.  Plus the fact that, being a pug, she naturally always has a “what on earth are you doing to me” look on her face. For example, the photo above was taken right after I gave her a treat – so this is a happy face. I swear.

Now, this is a photo of us trying to go for a night time walk on our first night together. Same expression. Different mood. It’s  our 3rd day together and I am just now starting to exert some power over this 15 pound little being.   I think she’s starting to see whose boss. Maybe. Actually nevermind. I don’t think I’m going to win this one.

Besides having a new friend by my side all day long, I get to experience living in the East Village of Manhattan for a week. I’ve come in and out of this area quite frequently over the last few years and I’ve always really enjoyed it. It’s grittier then some of the other areas, but not in a gross way. Simply put, it’s just it’s own place – which is something I love about NYC. You can walk five blocks and be in a world full of as much character and charm as the block before, but it will feel completely different.

Some great spots in this area:

Supper … delicious, affordable italian

Villa Della Pace … the food is pretty good here, but the ambience, drink menu and staff is what really makes it a fun place to be. Also they are very accommodating when it comes to large groups, which is always a great find in Manhattan.

Peels … trendy comfort food. One of the greatest fried chicken sandwiches I have ever had.  Plus it’s gorgeous in here.

The Immigrant … cozy wine bar, small and intimate. Great date spot. You will get tipsy quickly though – beware.

Bianca’s … cash only spot, totally affordable, absolutely delicious, cozy and adorable.

And last but certainly not least – A good friend has taken me to see this AMAZING band play at a dive bar called Mona’s on Ave. B. They play every Tuesday night from 11pm until they get tired. The last time I went we stayed until 3am without realizing it. It’s not the most convenient day and time but  trust me when I say it is worth the middle of the week late night. They play jazz from the 20’s and 30’s also known as “Dixie Land Jazz” and they are fantastic. They are called Mona’s Hot Four, among other things and you’d be a fool to miss them. They are a NYC hidden treasure.

xox k


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