Weekend update: by J

I have been obsessing over this wedding on a practical wedding by One Love Photography all weekend.

These images encapsulate everything I want from my wedding, personal, unique and stunning. The bride is ethereally beautiful, and I have always wanted to play the cello, so I literally gawked with envy.

Which leads me to…

I bought my wedding dress! It happened exactly as I had dreamed it would.

I’ve spent months lazily online browsing. In person, checked out the big boys, like Barneys, Bloomingdales, Neimans, etc, because I didn’t want anything too bridal. I even caved in and made an appointment at J Crew which left me with a just in case dress option. But overall, my experience had been a little blah.

My dream would be an off the rack 3.1 Phillip Lim, or Chloe dress, but I also wanted to spend as little as possible. I know. It all seemed impossibly unreasonable to me too.

Until I walked into Alice + Olivia on Fillmore street with my wedding planning co-conspirator S. Right away I was drawn to a floor length, flowy white dress. Who are you I thought, could you really be? Anyways I knew right away it was the dress, and 40% off was the icing on my bridal cupcake.

When the girl at the register asked me what it was for, and I responded my wedding and she said “oh for your rehearsal dinner?”, I didn’t even bat an eye.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent the better part of the evening stressing out that it was the wrong dress and was horribly unflattering and altogether boring. But, something tells me I would have felt that way about any dress, because I’m like that.

You’ll have to wait for the big day for pics, because the Hubs checks the blog and we’re being old fashioned when it comes to that.

xoxo J


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