Late Night Eating: The Rules by K

The main thing to remember about late night eating if you do it right and start after 10pm, in a fairly dark place with no one watching, is it doesn’t count. No calories will be absorbed, guilt disappears, crumbs can fall wherever you need them to fall and no one will judge you. Also, the faster you eat the less chance the eating ever even happened… That is my rule when it comes to m&ms in a movie theater. If I literally pour the m&ms in my mouth instead of eating them like a proper human being one by one, it basically never happened.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of that were true? Because these are rules I would have no problem following. The sad part is when this is all happening and I have essentially crawled into the refrigerator in my dark kitchen – they are true. It’s amazing what your brain will rationalize in this type of scenario. Not so different from when I return an expensive item of clothing to a store and am suddenly rewarded with “free” money from said store and therefore absolutely must purchase something new. With my “free” money. Sometimes I feel like my brain is not on my side.

Back to the topic at hand – my late night food of choice, if potato chips are not in the vicinity, would have to be cheese. Cheese and bread. For the Calcium.

I admire J’s energy so late at night. I too enjoy cooking – but the trouble with cooking your late night snack is you are allowing way too much time to think about what you are doing, what time it is and how this will effect you in the morning both emotionally and physically.  I can’t stress enough that the key here is speed and simplicity. I guess in J’s case she had a partner and really that is the only exception to the rule of speed and simplicity. If you have a partner in crime, then all bets are off and there is absolutely 100% nothing wrong with what you are doing.

My top three favorite cheeses: Taleggio, Fontina, and FRESH salted Mozzarella from here and nowhere else – unless I am in Italy. Oh wait… I can’t forget Burrata. Never forget Burrata.

xoxo k


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