A lazy saturday: By J

Saturday was one of those days that blurs past in a haze of all encompassing nothingness.

It began Friday when we celebrated two friends’ birthdays in one crab filled eat fest at R & G Lounge, an absolute SF fixture in my opinion. The salt and pepper crab is where it’s at.

R & G Lounge is one of those old school places that is always packed. There is nothing trendy about it, just good Chinese food served up in a space that feels like someone’s basement from the 60’s. Think a lot of wood paneling.

I figure there might be a nicer upstairs, but have yet to be seated there if it exists. (Am I the only one who has paranoid thoughts that there are better places that are some how reserved for other people?)

Then back to our place with everyone for Apples to Apples, which I failed at by the way. I didn’t even win 1 round. I did succeed at making some tasty whiskey sours though.

Suffered from a major food hangover on Saturday. I’m going to pretend it was just a food hangover. More like a food and drink induced stupor. Leading me to do literally nothing all day. The couch and the little guy pictured above were my partners in crime. That’s Lego, aka the rescue scruff.

He is awesome at being lazy.

Sunday was much more productive, notably, we ordered the hubs suit from Taylor and Stitch’s pop-up custom suit shop.

Happy Monday,

xo J

Ps, that is Lego at his cutest, he also has a weird old man face, but I figure like all of us, only fair to put his best face forward on the internet.


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