A little peter pan: by J

Reading K’s post reminded me of how much I love Peter Pan. It’s one of those books that beautifully withstands growing up. Barrie, having been a playwright doesn’t pander to a young audience, and the book moves with a surprisingly adult and clever humor.

Of course I was familiar with the story as a child. However, I am not sure I actually read it until a Children’s Literature course in University.

I had no idea K loved Peter Pan. That’s what I love about our little blog, I get to learn things about her I might never have known otherwsie.

Just after reading her post, I got an email from J Crew about peter pan collars, and I thought what a lovely way to hold onto fairytales in an adult world.

I must admit, as per my uniform post, I can be pretty shy about trends or even really specific styles. Boring, I know right?

Thus, I wasn’t sold on it until I saw the beautiful Valentina di Pinto via Citizen Couture, pictured below.

Umm , yes please. That’s all I’ll say.

(ps I had to remind myself she’s a stylist and fashion consultant, so I wouldn’t feel bad)


I would like to append Peter Pan to the Summer Reading list.


Here’s a little DIY peter pan collar for you crafty ladies via HONESTLY…WTF.

Happy Friday

xo J


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