lately: by J

Things have been a little hectic around here I must say. And not in a we have way too many things to do kind of way, but in a too much to prioritize and decide upon kind of way.

These could be our last months in SF, and I already find myself experiencing current moments with a tinge of nostalgia. I know it is premature but I can’t help myself.

I know that I could be packing my days with all of the things I love about SF, but for some reason lately I have just wanted to stay  in, order in something yummy, and watch a movie. This might also be a part of the cold summer here, but I think it is a mix of both.

Sometimes deciding to do nothing feels so much easier than planning something. And lately easier has been a high priority.

I just don’t want to leave here and feel there were things I wished I had done. Is that even possible, or does leaving a place automatically mean that feeling?

I’m thinking that I need to work on my motivation.

And then as soon as I think that, the idea that maybe I just need to be more patient also pops up. Which is it, motivation or patience? Motivational me thinks patience is just one more excuse for not doing. And patient me just laughs.


xo J


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