lately: by K

I’d like to take a stab at answering J’s question from her Lately post.  In stressful life times is it more productive to be patient or motivated?

I can only speak for myself but I will say that I think the answer to this question is, they are the same. Or rather – I think you need patience to be motivated and I think you need to be motivated in order to be patient.  J and I share the same resentment and/or bitterness towards patience. Allowing “life” to sort things out while you sit and “have faith” … it just doesn’t feel right.  Which is why you need to feel motivated in order to find that patience. You need patience to stop and realize what you can and can’t control so you can move forward and feel motivated to do what you can and not dwell on what you can’t. Right? Right.

Lately, for me, focusing on the little things around me has helped me find patience.  Similar to J there is a lot in my life that has been tossed up in the air and I am just waiting anxiously for it all to land safely, unharmed,  in it’s rightful place. There literally is only so much I can do for myself right now and that has been an enormous challenge.  If I had to anthropomorphize patience she would be that annoying tough love friend who you know has your best interest at heart but even still you are angry with her and search for all of the reasons you don’t have to listen to what she says.  She, in turn, infuriates you even more because she never gets mad at you for not believing in her – so you can’t help suck it up and listen.  In the end, she’s always there with that “i told you so look” and you are grateful she exists.  Until the next time she shows up.

Patience reminds me to focus on the little things throughout my day that make me feel good. The baby steps I take that lead me in a positive direction. The moments I usually ignore because I am too busy dwelling over all of the things I can’t control that I’ve made life or death. Patience tells me to enjoy my cappuccino and have faith in myself.

xoxo k


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