Girls weekend part 2: by J

This weekend the hubs rented a house on the beach for his bachelor party.

Which left an awesome group of ladies free for some serious girl time.

I felt completely spoiled, because I already had an amazing bachelorette party in Seattle with my best girl friends from high-school, so this was like a bonus weekend.

We had an amazing dinner at Slow Club, the cocktails were spot on, and the food delicious. The left bank cocktail had a beautiful herbaceous brightness, and the fettuccine was rich and complex.

Then on to dance it all away at Beauty Bar, where we were having an amazing time. Until of course the one guy who doesn’t understand boundaries. After a series of escalating incidences, we decided to leave.

For me, I was ready to call it a night, but the rest of the ladies were up for more dancing. Things were not looking good as we pulled up to Cat Club, where we paid $8 in cover to enter a nearly empty club. But we had been promised 80’s music, enough said.

This was the turning moment where a potential night-ender, actually became the beginning of something so much more amazing.

Let’s just say we are all lovers of the 80’s, and the dj was an awesome guy who happily took requests and on two occasions took the time to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.

So thank you, thank you, thank you ladies, especially my two S girls for planning this whole thing!!! Out of the 5 of us, one had a possibly broken foot and another a creeping, fever cold, in yet we all banded together for an amazing night!
xo J


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