Weekend homecoming by K


ImageThis weekend was pretty uneventful for me – except for the fact that my parents came home from 11 glorious days in Italy and I received a new cashmere scarf and sweater as a result.

My parents don’t treat themselves as often as they should. They are savers before anything else – and there is always a very logical excuse why “now is not the time” when it comes to spending money. I admire this about them and through that they’ve taught my sister and I the importance of saving money from a young age and how keeping your finances in check allows you to “sleep soundly” at night – which should always be a priority.

HOWEVER. It doesn’t hurt to splurge every once in awhile and actually dip into those savings to treat yourself. So it was very exciting for me as their daughter to watch them plan their 35th wedding anniversary in Italy.  35 years. Holy moly. After 35 years of marriage they have the energy and desire to go on a romantic 11 day trip to Italy. That is pretty special nowadays.

Oddly enough the inspiration for this trip came from watching Woody Allen’s new movie, To Rome With Love.  I dragged them out to see it with me and upon walking out of the theater my dad said – “I’m going to Italy for our anniversary and that is that.” You have to understand, my parents NEVER make decisions like that. A trip to Italy? Planned only 2 months before hand? I was not convinced this was actually going to happen. Like always, I assumed they’d head home – enjoy a nice bottle of wine and talk about how “now is not the time, maybe next year.” But, as soon as they got home – the planning began. Six days in Positano on the Amalfi Coast and five days in Florence.

I have been to Positano twice in my life – Once with my family in 2001 right before I headed to college and the second time when I was studying abroad in Florence my junior year of college and decided to spend my spring break on the Mediterranean eating fresh sea food and drinking delicious wine.  Not too shabby.  So it goes without saying I was extremely jealous and tried DESPERATELY to get invited on this romantic getaway – to no avail. They would have none of it. Can you believe that? Their own daughter.

I am glad to have them back – and it sounds like they had a pretty amazing time. Plus I love my new scarf and sweater.  Not that I needed more reasons but now I am extra excited for fall to arrive.

p.s. the pictures above were taken by my lovely parents in an attempt to make me more jealous.

xoxo k


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