Habits: by J

I didn’t realize until recently what a creature of habit I am.

I tended to see my life and my life choices as matters of personality and not as habits I had formed.

Since moving to SF, I noticed a lot of what I do is habit.

I definitely would not consider myself an active person, more the opposite, and I thought that was just who I was.

Since I moved here I started practicing yoga 5 times a week, and this really is not some super-human act of will. Instead, I have a habit. I go to the same class most days, with the same teacher.

When I am fully in the habit of going, it is harder for me not to go, and going is second nature.

Seeing myself in this way helps me to realize that I’m not stuck being a non-athlete, or anything for the matter, I just need to take time to establish new patterns in my life.

I know there is a lot more to us than just habits, but it’s an interesting way to look at things. I saw Charles Duhigg’s video on A cup of Jo and I like how it breaks them down.

Do you have any habits you love, or want to change?

xo J


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