Habits: by K

I could focus this post on all of the sophisticated habits I’ve acquired over the years so that at least in one outlet of my life I’ll sound like I know what I am doing and trick you all into thinking I have my life figured out… (For example, I juice fresh fruits and vegetables every morning which obviously means I am very healthy).  Or I can use this post as therapy and divulge all of my nasty unproductive habits – though I did give some insight into that not so flattering aspect of my life here.

What drives me crazy about habits is that my good habits only last so long. But my bad habits seem to be here to stay and are a lot harder to divert into other areas where I might need that energy and focus. Let’s take juicing for example. I told you about 5 sentences ago that I juice every morning. This is a lie. I juice feverishly every morning for about 3 months and then I stop one morning because I woke up late or it’s raining or any other number of excuses that have nothing to do with juicing…and then that is it. I broke the routine and waking up the next morning to juice seems like the absolute most emotionally and physically taxing activity I could participate in. Then my good habit turns into a bad habit and I start my day with a small cappuccino with whole milk and no breakfast.  This new “bad” habit will last about 8 months regardless of the fact that the rewards of juicing are noticeably insanely better.  It won’t be until I hit some sort of physical rock bottom before I am forced to pick up my good habit again.

Sometimes I think I have a bad habit of picking up bad habits knowingly. The worst part for me is my inner dialogue. I don’t know what yours sounds like but mine is completely not delusional at all and sounds a little bit like this:

“Good job. Let’s avoid the vitamin cabinet at all costs. Why would we take 30 seconds to drink some water and take some fish oil and …I don’t know… maybe even a multi vitamin? It’s not like taking your vitamins in the morning make you feel like your starting your day off on the right foot or anything and later dictate what kind of lunch you eat and whether or not you’ll go to the gym.  Let’s go get that fatty cappuccino instead that will cost you $3.50 and make you feel good for about 25 minutes. Then we’ll play that fun game where we wonder why we are all of a sudden cranky and irritable. Yeah. That sounds like the way to go.”

My inner voice is sarcastic.

I like the video J references in her post. We are creatures of habit and unfortunately it does just boil down to a bunch of mind games. We literally have to trick ourselves into wanting something or not having the choice to do what we shouldn’t do. I don’t think I will ever master this art. But I’ll keep trying…

xox k


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