A dose of inspiration: by K

I’ve needed a little inspiration lately to keep me on track…a track that feels more like a tight rope these days.

It’s amazing what affect the right words strung together in a simple sentence can have on someone.

I came across this article from Forbes magazine entitled, Fifty Important Lessons New York Taught Me by Brett Nelson.  This article made me both proud of my crazy, intense, stressful, gorgeous, pizza ridden, did I mention crazy… city and inspired by Brett’s own experiences. He reminds us that we’re all on the same ridiculous (I mean that in the most positive way) journey. It’s important…crucial…to look up every once in awhile from your own tight rope and look at someone else’s.  You’ll inevitably take a sigh of relief and remember how small you are in this big bad world…but more importantly… you’ll realize how much you’ve already accomplished as this small little being. And how proud you should be.

Then you’ll put your head back down and continue on, with a new perspective and maybe even a spring in your step.  Even the tiniest spring can move you forward a bit faster…

New Yorker or not – this is a great article to read if you need some fresh perspective.

My favorite lesson #39, Ask for what you want: “No” is a mild cut. Regret is cancer.

xox k


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