Rigoletto and kraut: weekend update by J

photo by Edgar Lee| courtesy of SF Opera found here

When I think of the Opera, I think of elbow length gloves and polite clapping.

Well not when you see it live simulcast at the AT&T ballpark.

That was my very freezing Saturday night, which was full of shivers (note to self: bring a warm blanket next time) and sauerkrauted hot-dogs and garlic fries. Obviously the hubs wanted to make out with me afterwards.

This was such a fun and amazing way to see an opera. A) it’s free, sans the $80 spent in beers and ballpark food B) you can leave anytime you want C) you can bring your own snacks.

We went with our dear friends S & T who are also responsible for me meeting K, so let’s just say they are all around awesome!

The Opera was Rigoletto, which I did not know at all. But is full of debauchery and women with ridiculous ideas about love (as far as I can tell most Operas are).

Happy Monday,

xo J


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