Things I wish I could do: by K

I love this game.

Things I wish I could do:

1. play piano like a champ.

2. speak Italian fluently.

3. I’d like some rhythm when I dance. That would be nice.

4. paint like this.

5. touch my toes.

6. knit.

I had actually planned to take piano lessons when I moved to SF. You know how when you make a big change in your life you assume you’ll all of a sudden have the time, energy and finances to do all that you dream about? Maybe I misunderstood what a “time difference” was and thought it meant west coasters had the luxury of a 27 hour day… and mistook liberal for meaning “things are free here.”  “Oddly enough” I had no time, energy or money to throw into private piano lessons…Though it is still on my list. Someday! I will be able to play Sara Bareilles songs to myself when no one is watching. Someday.

I think its good to make these lists every once in awhile…see how they change or even better, see how they stay the same.

xoxo k


One thought on “Things I wish I could do: by K

  1. Yeah, I also wish that I can play piano well.. well enough that I can casually approach to the empty piano at the cafe and start playing. By the way, you admire Kent Williams’s work? He is dating my college friend and they both are inspiring painters.

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