Mini-honeymoon: by J

As the wedding is less than a month away, the hubs and I realized we should decide what we want to do as far as a honeymoon goes.

We both have our hearts set on a 3 week Mediterranean trip, which will have to wait for next year.

We went back and forth on it. Should we just save money for our big trip next year? Or do a short honeymoon?

In the end we decided on a 3 day road trip to Big Sur.

images via Trip Advisor / All This is That / Glen Oaks

We’re planning to do some easy hikes, some delicious eating, drink red wine, and hopefully check out the hot springs.

My online research suggested the hot springs here. We’ll have to decide if we are brave enough for “clothing optional”.

Thinking about eating here, and maybe a nice dinner here.

And after a lot of indecision we decided to splurge on a room at Glen Oaks, and amazingly this is really on the lower end compared to a lot of the places in the area.

Any recommendations?

xo J


6 thoughts on “Mini-honeymoon: by J

  1. Big Sur is a great place for a mini getaway. Yeah, Big Sur Bakery and Deetjens are good place to eat (Dan and I were planning to visit Deetjens last year for a mini getaway but had to postpone it to later this year 🙂 Also Post Ranch Inn is good place to get some snacks during midday. Oh, check Henry Miller Memorial Library if you both are interested. Exciting!

  2. I love Big Sur! I have heard great things about Deetjens, especially their breakfasts. Nepenthe has a beautiful patio for lunch. On the drive to Big Sur from SF there is the most amazing fruit and veggie produce store that I dream of living in Vancouver (10 grapefruits for $1.00!! it’s craziness). I could go and on. Great idea for your mini-moon! xo

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