DIY flowers: by J

Dear Trader Joe’s, thanks for helping out a thrifty lady.

I made these two flower arrangements in less than 20 minutes for under $16. With a hydrangea bunch to spare.

What I used:

  • 1 bunch of hydrangea (3 stems) $5.99
  • 1 bunch of tulips (8) $4.99
  • 1 bunch of Dahlias (6 stems) $4.99
  • sharp heavy duty scissors
  • some mason jars I have lying around

When choosing flowers I just trusted my instinct, but I was looking for healthy plump flowers. I like white and green bouquets, so I was looking for a variety of shapes, textures and sizes.

If you are mixing colours, probably stick to two or three contrasting colours and have less variety in size and texture to create a sense of unity. If you are using similar tones go crazy.

I trimmed all of the stems, just eyeballing the rough height I would want for the arrangements.  I started with the focal flower (the hydrangea) and placed the smaller flowers around. I like the tulips because they create dimension and have a stark smooth texture compared to the ruffly hydrangeas.

Then just fill each container with cold water and place in your favorite spot.

I am no expert on the matter, and I am sure there are about 1000 more useful tutorials on line. My only advice is just to have fun with it, and embrace asymmetry.

xo J


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