DIY wedding vows: by K

J’s DIY post made me want to share something truly special my friend Kyle and his new bride, Jamie, did during their vows at their wedding.

It’s not something that can literally be considered a DIY in the traditional sense…but J’s post got me thinking about what makes a wedding truly special for not only the bride and groom, but their family and friends as well. For me, it’s been whenever they make it a priority to sprinkle some personal touches throughout the experience.  Whether it’s as crafty as actually making your own signage,  putting together your own flower arrangements – or just serving your favorite foods like french fries during cocktail hour because if you could have it your way you’d have french fries wherever you are at all times.

During their vows Kyle and Jamie did something I am sure other couples have done in the past, but I had never seen it and have now filed it away for future reference. They had a box up at the alter that they were going to seal together with the promise of re opening it again on their 11th wedding anniversary. Being wine lovers, the first thing they chose to put in the box was a special bottle of wine that will only get better with age. They opened a bottle at the alter, each took a sip and put an unopened bottle in the box. Along with the wine they placed two sealed envelopes with letters they had written to each other, listing all of the reasons they have fallen in love and decided to marry. These, too, won’t be opened until their 11th wedding anniversary and neither have any idea what the other had written down.

It was a personal touch that made everyone at the wedding feel like a part of something special.  What would you put in your sealed box?

xoxo k


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