Fall has arrived. Kind of. by K

Part of being a New Yorker, or any east coaster if I may be so bold as to generalize, is being overly excited for the coming of fall – crunchy leaves, incredible colors, crisp pre snow air, apple cider, cool nights, big sweaters and new boots – the list goes on and on.  That first cool night towards the end of August (knowing it will go right back up to 95 the next day) brings with it a rush of pre holiday coziness – that magical time before you remember how stressful the holidays really are.

A larger part of being a New Yorker is the visibly annoyed, irritated and ‘pissed off that it is now September 27th and still too hot to wear your boots and a sweater’ part. Also, blaming mother nature for being confusing when really you’re the one who just forgot that 68 degrees is still pretty warm and does not require leggings and a sweater dress.

It’s as though you forget what temperature means… Today for instance I am wearing an adorable fall outfit…but it is 73 degrees out. I’ve had a sweat mustache all day and my jeans and legs have become one. Whose fault is this? If you ask me while I am sitting in my cool office I will admit this is my fault. But the second I step outside to walk to the subway I will be cursing the heavens above for giving me a beautiful 73 degree and sunny day 4 days before October.

You’d think I would learn my lesson year after year. But I do not. And I am not alone.

I just want to wear this already.

And these boots.  But that has less to do with the never ending summer and more to do with my very empty wallet.

Just for fun, favorite fall movies: obviously When Harry Met Sally and let’s not forget an absolute classic must see if you haven’t, Home for the Holidays with the great Anne Bancroft and Robert Downey Jr.

xoxo k


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