Girl crush: by J

*image of Zadie Smith from here

I’m as susceptible as any to a girl crush.

It usually begins with noticing something, something daring, unique, an undeniable talent. It’s mostly awe and just a touch of envy.

My latest girl crush is one from my college days that just resurfaced.

As a surprise a few days before our honeymoon, the hubs bought me Zadie Smith’s latest novel NW, because he knew I loved her first novel, White Teeth, and wanted something to read while in Big Sur.

NW is the perfect mix of contemporary life with an intriguing storyline, with characters that feel intimately familiar.

My girl crushes usually stem from a part of myself I wish was more developed. In this case, her literary gifts and quiet beauty.

xo J


Weekend eats and other things: by J


* Pie Ranch photo via Yelp

Well this is embarrassing, I just found out about this hurricane from K’s post.

I tried to think about what no power for that long would look like and my mind landed on the scene in The Future where they are cutting off the internet and are desperate to make sure they have all of the information they could possibly need. And when I realized that was really not the same thing, my mind turned to the post-apocalyptic zombie world of the Walking Dead.

If you couldn’t already guess, the longest I’ve been without power is roughly a day.

Not going to lie, I am a little worried, because I’m a worrier.

So basically, I just hope everyone is okay.

As for my weekend,

I had brunch here, which turned out to be our favorite place to eat in Big Sur

stopped here for pie as is our tradition when we travel the 1

continued to read this book

went to this exhibition

and had Ramen here

Happy Monday,

xo J

calm before the storm: by K

By the time you read this I will be sitting on the couch with my hair in a dirty pony tail next to a pile of books staring at my dark, lifeless TV.

This weekend was about appreciating every moment of electricity I had since there is a 113% chance Hurricane Sandy will wipe out my power for the next 3 – 10 days. Yes that’s right. 3 – 10 days.

Being a New Yorker, we really are not prepared mentally for any sort of serious act of Mother Nature.  We’ve had our share of “bad weather” but in my 29 years on this planet  I can’t remember ever being actually nervous to leave my house.  Our first reaction is excitement at the prospect of not being able to get to work on Monday. Joke seems to be on us this time around. Hurricane Sandy is on track to bring us all back to reality in a serious way.  NYC has shut down for at least Monday. All subways, commuter rails and buses are scheduled to stop working at 7pm Sunday evening until further notice. Hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes. This is definitely a big deal.

In addition to staying dry and safe indoors, I plan on spending the day(s) with my book(s) and lots of hot tea.  This could also be a good time to take my paints out.  I’ll let you know what excuses I come up with for not doing that. I’m sure they’ll be good.

All our East Coast readers – stay safe tomorrow! How will you be spending your hurricane day?

xo k

Yurt love: by J

first image from the roaming boomers and bottom 2 from Treebones

As you are reading this, I will be staying in a yurt!!

Choosing between Treebones and Glen Oaks was a really tough choice for us when planning our mini-honeymoon. After a lot of indecision we decided on Glen Oaks, as it seemed more relaxing and on the quiet side, and Treebones had a 2 night minimum and only partial ocean view yurts still available.

After booking at Glen Oaks, I spoke to a friend who said that Treebones was amazing, and really quiet and romantic, and of course I had remorse right away.

Luckily the planning God’s were smiling on us, as I checked Treebones one more time just in case, and some how there was 1 friday night stuck between two bookings in a full ocean view yurt!!!

So I called and snapped it up. Our mini-moon is now 3 nights, and while more expensive we’re hoping completely worth it.

I first heard about yurts in Big Sur from Joanna Godard’s post, and I fell in love.

Happy Friday,

xo J

ps maybe next time we’ll be brave and try the human nest.

image via travel journals

the little things: by K

There is nothing more beautiful than the changing of leaves during fall on the east coast. And even more amazing is how quickly everything changes from one day to the next.

Since my first fall in the house I grew up in, in Westchester County I have looked forward to the changing of the big Sugar Maple in our backyard. This tree never ceases to amaze me. One day it is green and summery and the next it is the brightest most vibrant yellow I have ever seen. It literally seems to explode with color overnight. And every year, without fail, I feel as though I have never seen something quite so yellow and breathtaking in my life.

The pictures above are not from one day to the next, however they might as well be. For so many years the change seemed like magic and this year it was my plan to catch it in the act. I took the first photo about 3 days before the last and the change was pretty subtle. I was beginning to think I had exaggerated the timing of this explosion of color.

But once again the magical Sugar Maple transformed in the darkness when it was sure no one was looking. Tree – 19, K – 0. I’ll try again next year, tree.

In the mean time I will let the Sugar Maple literally brighten my mornings until it is nothing but empty branches. Which will also be happening over night, though that transformation doesn’t feel as magical.

It really is the little things that get you going and this tree is definitely one of those little things for me. It reminds me not only how powerful nature is and how small we are, but more importantly how much nature has to say if we stop to listen once in awhile. This time it tells me change is the only constant and not something we can control, wait for or elude. It will happen exactly when we are not paying attention and it will always be powerful. It is up to us to make it positive and to know, no matter what it is, it too will not be forever.

xoxo k

Mrs. J: by K

I hope J doesn’t mind, but I couldn’t start this week of writing without mentioning her beautiful day.

The setting could not have been more beautiful or the weather more perfect.  All of J’s DIY projects looked effortless and added just the right amount of charm. Simple, classic, beautiful  – just like the bride.

Foreign Cinema in San Francisco’s Mission district combine T’s love of movies and J’s love of food. As I sat their eating maybe the best pesto pasta I’ve had, sneaking bites of my friends delicious bavette steak while watching the black and white classic The Apartment on mute projected onto the wall above us all, I couldn’t help feel a part of something special and inspiring.

J and her husband’s attention to detail over the past year of planning – though stressful at times – created an experience that was not only enjoyable for their guests from start to finish, but one that made us all feel like a special part of their union. That without us, they wouldn’t be where they are. And that is what a wedding is all about. Two people from two separate worlds coming together to start their own and appreciating everything that brought them to this new place. I felt lucky to be a part of such a beautiful chapter in their lives.

I wish the new Mrs. and her Mr. all the luck in the world, though I know they don’t need it.

xox k

Ampersand love: by J

calamaristudio print $14| catbird ampersand ring $56| Kate Spade ampersand pillow via polyvore sold out

This is a little post brought to you by my inner typography nerd.

I love the ampersand. It is simple and chic, and elegant in its meaning.

It began as “and per se and”, which means “the symbol and by itself which means and”. Those two curves mean all of that. Awesome right?

I love the idea of bringing the ampersand into everyday life, and would love to look at the ring on my hand, or the pillow on my couch, or the print on my workspace wall.

xo J

weddinged: by J

Pomme d’amours from Knead Patisserie, our wedding cake| photo by Kaylan S on yelp

Just a few words as we are still in recovery mode.
As cliche as it might sound, easily one of the best days of my life.

The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the most important thing was everyone being there, and feeling their love and happiness.

I eventually stopped feeling like I was wearing a bride costume, and was just plain a bride, and all of the energy and work we put into planning and DIY, turned into a really unique day.

One little confession I was too afraid to share was that my flower DIY, was actually a test to see if I could pull off doing the flowers for the wedding. With flowers from the sf flower mart, and the help of my sisters and dear friend M, we made 8 large centre pieces, 4 bouquets, and 1 large arrangement for the bar. While not perfect, I was pretty happy with the results.

Once we get some photos, I’ll probably do a little post about that, otherwise we’ll be back to non-wedding posts in no time.

xo J

I do: by J

wedding band by Bario Neal

K gave me some incredibly helpfult advice about wedding planning. It translated roughly into: no matter what you do planning a wedding is stressful. After it’s done, no one says, I can’t wait to plan my next wedding.

This was helpful advice for me. Don’t let the wedding industry fool you, weddings are time consuming and they bring everything up to the surface and you have to deal with it. Luckily I paid close attention to this, and while having knots the size of tennis balls in my shoulders, I also have a huge smile on my face.

We’ve been doing everything possible to keep it as light and focused on our true goal, to spend time celebrating and connecting with the people we love most in the world.

xoxo J

Ps. if you want to see a great look on someone’s face, walk into a fabric store on a Thursday and buy things for making a wedding belt and birdcage veil, and when they ask when the wedding is tell them it’s Saturday.

favorite wedding website for sanity

favorite wedding website for inspiration

A very special weekend ahead: by K

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Tomorrow morning I hop on a plane to reunite with one of my very best friends after six long months. It’s J’s wedding weekend in San Francisco and I can’t wait to see her and celebrate.

I’ll hit a few of my old hot spots, like Jane on Fillmore – my very favorite cafe,

And breath in some fresh pacific air by the Marina – one of my favorite things to do when I lived in SF.  A bundled up half hour or so on a bench looking out onto Alcatraz and the fog rolling over the Golden Gate was an easy cure for any bad day.

I believe it will be a most magical weekend. Stay tuned!

xoxo k