brooklyn : by K

This was one of the rare weekends my sister and I had zero plans and were free to be with just each other. I treasure these weekends, because as we’ve been getting older they’ve become more and more scarce and that reality was never something I consciously thought about when I had her all to myself growing up.

Plus, her being my little sister just led me to believe that, just as she had as a baby, she’d follow me around wherever I go and whatever I do and if I wanted time alone I’d tell her and she’d wait for when I was ready to play again.

No one ever told me that little sisters grow up to be their own person with their own lives that exist separately from their big sisters. One of the many disappointments of becoming a grown up.

That being said, I have to thank my sister for becoming a sort of pioneer of the family. About 4 years ago she moved to a land far far away – a land none of us had dared go before – a land even NYC cabs won’t consider.  A land called Brooklyn.

Without my sister I don’t think I would have ever ventured over the bridge for any long stretch of time, but I am so happy she’s opened my eyes to it.  I have fallen in love with Brooklyn – specifically Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. They have all the New York flavor you need with a tenth of the Manhattan craziness. There is a laid back feeling to Brooklyn that when combined with the brownstones, water views, delicious restaurants/cafes on every corner, hipsters and NOW even some food trucks – reminds me of all that I miss about San Francisco.  Brooklyn is a great compromise for any west coast to east coast transplants.

We went to Frankies Sputino for dinner – the wait is always ridiculous and they do not take reservations however it is always always worth it. They have a beautiful garden in the back for small weddings and events. I will keep this in mind for future reference. They even have a new location in the West Village of Manhattan that is just as good.

We went to Stone Park Cafe for brunch which was also delicious.

and to cap off a SF style weekend we watched Five Year Engagement which takes place in SF. Hilarious for the first hour and 15 minutes and then it gets a bit weird. But it was nice to see some old stomping grounds. Plus the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Jason Segel doesn’t hurt.

xoxo k

ps Oh, and for whoever is keeping track, fall has definitely arrived in New York. And now, in typical New York fashion, I’m annoyed at how cold I feel all the time.

pps the pictures above were taken by my sweet sister from her apartment window.


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