“out of town night”: by J

photo courtesy of smitten kitchen | spicy caramel popcorn recipe

The hubs and I usually spend our evenings together. We do mix it up with friends and girls/ boys nights. But generally speaking we’ll hang out together at night.

Recently the hubs got NBA2K13, and he is a bit of a basketball nut, so one evening this weekend I knew he wanted to play. So I gave my blessing, and snuggled up in bed with the scruff, and bowl of popcorn as big as my life and the coziness of a Norah Ephron movie.

I am sure I had seen it, but it felt new to me watching Sleepless in Seattle.

I got to get teary, not have to share my popcorn, and indulge in a quintessential “chick flick” without any guilt that while I was in tears he was bored to tears. Even though we usually share similar taste in film and he watches the sappy stuff with me without complaint.

I love the moment in the movie when Tom Hanks and his friend mock how women cry about romantic movies. It cracked me up because it is so true.

Anyways, it was great. We both got to do the kind of thing we would do if the other was out of town or out with a friend, but without missing the other person.

Do you ever have “out-of-town” nights when your partner is home?


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