All that glitters is gold?: by J

Marc Jacobs Henry Chrono watch

I love K’s post on feeling blue, and I salut her for finally going for it. It’s funny how we can hold off for so long on little things that we really want, but just can’t quite bring ourselves to go for.

I am by no means up to speed on trends, and have a similar reaction to K, but mine is really delayed. Once I finally notice a trend I fight for dear life to avoid it.

Flash back to when skinny jeans were coming back, and I thought they were the worst thing you could do to yourself, and now I couldn’t imagine a life without them (okay maybe a little dramatic). Or when military style parkas came in, and I thought, really? And now I wear mine everyday.

It’s silly because I’ll fight it for months, even years, before giving in, and finally loving them as they so deserve. Sad to think about all of those lost days were we could have been together.

My latest battle is between me and a gold watch. On top of feeling like I would be jumping on a bandwagon years too late, I have a fear that my wrists are too bony and would look horrible with such a large piece. But I keep eyeing them, and maybe one day I’ll get the courage to go for it.

xo J


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