In the flow: by J

Image from simply yoga

Have you ever gone to a yoga class where everyone chants in perfect unison to something you’ve never even heard before and the teacher seems to know each student and you are not even sure what level the class is and if you’ll be okay?

That’s what I did Saturday morning.

Instead of my usual slower precision based class I tried a flow/Vinyasa class.

I walked into a room of quiet people, many of whom were already doing preclass stretches, and who all had an unwavering quiet and focus.

The class began with a repeat after me chant, with tonal range, and moments of unexpected call and answer. As the fast paced flow started I had to give the instructor’s directions my entire attention to keep up with the movements and the timing.

I traded in what little poise I have in class for a brow full of sweat and a sense of determination.

In any case it felt good to go outside my comfort zone, and it reminded me of how disorienting something new can be. And also how good it feels to challenge myself in different ways.

Plus the teacher gave mini neck massages which pretty much guarantees I’ll like the class.

Happy Monday,

xo J


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