I do: by J

wedding band by Bario Neal

K gave me some incredibly helpfult advice about wedding planning. It translated roughly into: no matter what you do planning a wedding is stressful. After it’s done, no one says, I can’t wait to plan my next wedding.

This was helpful advice for me. Don’t let the wedding industry fool you, weddings are time consuming and they bring everything up to the surface and you have to deal with it. Luckily I paid close attention to this, and while having knots the size of tennis balls in my shoulders, I also have a huge smile on my face.

We’ve been doing everything possible to keep it as light and focused on our true goal, to spend time celebrating and connecting with the people we love most in the world.

xoxo J

Ps. if you want to see a great look on someone’s face, walk into a fabric store on a Thursday and buy things for making a wedding belt and birdcage veil, and when they ask when the wedding is tell them it’s Saturday.

favorite wedding website for sanity

favorite wedding website for inspiration


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