the little things: by K

There is nothing more beautiful than the changing of leaves during fall on the east coast. And even more amazing is how quickly everything changes from one day to the next.

Since my first fall in the house I grew up in, in Westchester County I have looked forward to the changing of the big Sugar Maple in our backyard. This tree never ceases to amaze me. One day it is green and summery and the next it is the brightest most vibrant yellow I have ever seen. It literally seems to explode with color overnight. And every year, without fail, I feel as though I have never seen something quite so yellow and breathtaking in my life.

The pictures above are not from one day to the next, however they might as well be. For so many years the change seemed like magic and this year it was my plan to catch it in the act. I took the first photo about 3 days before the last and the change was pretty subtle. I was beginning to think I had exaggerated the timing of this explosion of color.

But once again the magical Sugar Maple transformed in the darkness when it was sure no one was looking. Tree – 19, K – 0. I’ll try again next year, tree.

In the mean time I will let the Sugar Maple literally brighten my mornings until it is nothing but empty branches. Which will also be happening over night, though that transformation doesn’t feel as magical.

It really is the little things that get you going and this tree is definitely one of those little things for me. It reminds me not only how powerful nature is and how small we are, but more importantly how much nature has to say if we stop to listen once in awhile. This time it tells me change is the only constant and not something we can control, wait for or elude. It will happen exactly when we are not paying attention and it will always be powerful. It is up to us to make it positive and to know, no matter what it is, it too will not be forever.

xoxo k


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