Yurt love: by J

first image from the roaming boomers and bottom 2 from Treebones

As you are reading this, I will be staying in a yurt!!

Choosing between Treebones and Glen Oaks was a really tough choice for us when planning our mini-honeymoon. After a lot of indecision we decided on Glen Oaks, as it seemed more relaxing and on the quiet side, and Treebones had a 2 night minimum and only partial ocean view yurts still available.

After booking at Glen Oaks, I spoke to a friend who said that Treebones was amazing, and really quiet and romantic, and of course I had remorse right away.

Luckily the planning God’s were smiling on us, as I checked Treebones one more time just in case, and some how there was 1 friday night stuck between two bookings in a full ocean view yurt!!!

So I called and snapped it up. Our mini-moon is now 3 nights, and while more expensive we’re hoping completely worth it.

I first heard about yurts in Big Sur from Joanna Godard’s post, and I fell in love.

Happy Friday,

xo J

ps maybe next time we’ll be brave and try the human nest.

image via travel journals

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