the upside to a power outage: by K

There are not many upsides to the type of power outages we are experiencing here  on the east coast after our visit from Miss Sandy. For instance – as I write this I am hanging out of a window holding onto the one bar of internet connection I can find out there floating in the sky.

I am lucky enough to live within 20 miles of my entire family and so this means we are all unluckily living in the dark these days … all of us but the Matriarch of the family. It seems even Sandy knows not to mess with Nana.

Yonkers NY got hit harder than ever, but still not as hard as most areas. Nana’s brick house on the hill was not affected and so we have all flocked here for running water, heat, the most recent episode of New Girl, food … you know. The little things.

Tonight’s Dinner: lamb chops, broccoli and macaroni, artichokes, salad and let’s not forget the case of Ruffino red wine Nana bought for just such an occasion.

Only family can turn a pretty dark time (no pun intended) into something almost…fun. If I dare say so.

xo k


3 thoughts on “the upside to a power outage: by K

  1. Very well written. Love the Family dinner picture – especially Steve in the shadow, great Bronx Tale type shot. K, can I follow you on Twitter, B? (K, tell S & E some “ex-Bronx Irish guy” posted …..)

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