Dog etiquette: by J

It turns out that dog walking entails an entirely new social world that I was completely not prepared for. My family dog was pretty unsocial, so I never really socialized with other dog owners.

However, this little guy loves to stop and sniff other dogs of an acceptable type judged almost entirely on being of similar size and unknown pedigree.

It is not uncommon on a 30 minute walk to stop to chat with 2-3 other dog owners, or just random dog lovers.

Not going to lie, I am a tad awkward when it comes to meeting new people. Small talk is just not an art I’ve mastered. So I find it pretty funny to randomly stop to chat with someone about our dogs. You almost always start with a compliment about the other dog, then questions of age and background. That or I just stand silently at a distance and smile approvingly as the dogs play.

I like to imagine people interactions occurring in a similar way, and I guess they do in some regards.

While it doesn’t really matter if I am awkward, the dogs seem to understand the proper etiquette of sniffs and circles. I’ll probably have to work on this art of socialization for when/if we have kids, as their social world seems more highly dependent on parental involvement. Or maybe that is just the stuff of tv and movies.

xo J


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