A way to help: by K

Usually I look forward to the first snow fall in New York City.  It is a magical time and marks the beginning of the holiday season.  And there is nothing – I mean nothing – like NYC during the holidays.

Last night New York and New Jersey got hit with a nasty nor’easter. Freezing rain, 25 mph winds with gusts up to 50 mph and lots and lots of snow. Walking in the winter wonderland that was SoHo, I had trouble finding the warm fuzzy magical feeling I am used to. Instead all I could think about were the hundreds of people still without power, without homes, without heat. Last night was cold. Really cold.

Things might feel and look back to normal in my personal day to day but last night was a reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of people still suffering. I started looking for ways to help.

Here is one way to donate with the Red Cross. And if you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comments! There is a lot out there and it’s hard to tell which programs really work and are doing the most with what they are given.

I hope everyone stayed warm last night and I hope this nightmare is almost over for everyone still suffering.

xo k


3 thoughts on “A way to help: by K

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  2. There’s this really cool small business called Small Knot that helps you give back to your community in small or big ways – new restaurants, old shops etc.. they have a lot of places where you can help small businesses that have been hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy and I think it’s a good place for people to start, if they can’t physically volunteer: http://smallknot.com/browse/campaigns

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