on friendship and inspiration: by J

*image found on mystylishdream

I really appreciate K writing her post on what is happening in NYC and how to help. I know it’s something I’ve thought a lot about and not really been sure how best to handle from an in-person life perspective and from a blogging perspective.

That’s one thing that I really love about K. She always seems to have skills where I feel I am lacking. Take this little blog of ours. K is basically 100% to credit for the look, from choosing the format, to illustrating the header, and it is so easy for me to sit back because I really trust her judgement and taste. And I also know if there is something I don’t like, she’ll let me chime in.

That’s definitely something I’ve had to learn. It’s better to surround yourself with mega talented people than to hopelessly struggle to be the best at everything. Because the only way to acquire a super amazing skill over night is to send out a plea to the universe via email, facebook, or something like it, and hope the following morning someone you know with this skill had an extra cup of coffee at breakfast and is feeling charitable.

I’m going to keep working on this, because I am as susceptible as any to feeling inadequate especially when I see and read all of the innovative and creative things bloggers and other amazing crafty talented people are doing everyday.

Sometimes the line between being discouraged and inspired is as small as a shift in perspective.

Happy Friday,

xo J

A great piece of writing on feeling small in a creative world by Shoko Wanger for The Equals Record


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