lost hats and beautiful illustrations: by J

I love kids books that are equally suited for adults.

Jon Klassen, whose amazing work can be seen on his current tumblr and older burst of beaden blog, has created two standouts that seem to be in a beautiful conversation. The illustrations have a sweet richness, balancing rough strokes with white space and charming characters.

The first “I Want My Hat Back” follows the plight of a polite bear who has suspicions about his missing hat. While not commendable, the bears actions are certainly relatable.

His latest “This Is Not My Hat” switches the perspective to a cunning fish who feels his safety is guaranteed by his clever deception and well laid plans.

Either would be a perfect gift for a small person in your life, or a grown one for that matter.

Yep, that’s right I just mentioned gift giving. Too soon?

xo J

Video trailer for I Want My Hat Back.

Video trailer for This Is Not My Hat.

Cards by Klassen for Red Cap Cards.


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