sneak peek: by K

Unlike SF, New York is having pretty crisp, sunny, “warm” (for east coast winter standards) weather.

I spent another full weekend indoors so I unfortunately did not get to experience the crisp, sunny days, but I did admire them from  my studio window.

The good news is, this weekend was much more positive and productive than last weekend. My idea for my 2012 Christmas Card is now solid, so the past two days were about execution. Which, once you get past the first blank white page, is the fun part.

I am incredibly excited to finish these illustrations and see the whole thing printed and out of my imagination into the real live world – I don’t think I will ever just expect my work to be something I am proud of so each time I am it is a real humbling experience.

That being said, I am just as sad as I am happy that this project is coming to a close.  In no other part of my life can I lose myself as much as I do when I am knee deep in a project. This is not a feeling I can recreate on my own whenever I want.  It is something that surprises me over and over again. Something I don’t feel I have much control over. Which is what makes being an artist of any kind so hard to give up – no matter how critical you are of yourself. Once you’ve reached this “high” you don’t forget it and can’t live a life without it and find yourself going through emotional hell to get to it.  I sound like a heroin addict. But I think you know what I mean.

Above is a sneak peek of what I have been working on. More to come after Thanksgiving…

Happy Monday

xoxo k


2 thoughts on “sneak peek: by K

  1. The holiday cards I ordered arrived on Saturday. I can’t believe how amazing they are. Thanks so much and I will definitely order some more!

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