wish list: by K

The cold is finally settling in, here in New York. Up until now, even on a cold day, we could fool ourselves into thinking we still had some warm days ahead. But no more. The winter coat has been taken out of the closet marking my surrender to winter.

My wish list so far consists of one thing: More hours in the day. The days outside of the office have been getting shorter and the days inside of the office have been getting longer. This means less time for eating and sleeping. I haven’t had the time to think about holiday shopping which, as always, will only stress me out more in the weeks to come. But what can you do? Stressful last minute shopping is part of the charm of the holidays. At least it makes for easy casual conversation with a co worker or acquaintance you otherwise have nothing to say to… “did you start your shopping yet?”… “yeah, between the hours of never and someday…” … “right?! When will it end! I hate the holidays.” Riveting.

Right now I am trying to be conscious of the calm moments in my day . “Moments” being the key word here. My walk to and from the subway where I can soak in all of the new holiday lights and decorations going up around me that I probably wouldn’t have noticed had I not made the conscious effort TO notice them. My 20 minute subway ride where I can catch up on a few pages of my book. Preparing a cup of tea in the office kitchen where no one can email me or ask me to do something. My hot bath at the end of the day. These are very short spurts of time in a very long day, but being aware when I am in them is the only way I can feel in control or find any time to breath during this crazy time of year.

xoxo k

* illustration by Catia Chien


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