Secret Santa: by K

Last year, to take some of the pressure off of Christmas shopping, my sister, cousins and I decided to try out the whole Secret Santa idea.  We were all a little hesitant…For years and years our tradition has always been that each set of siblings gets each cousin a present.  That way we are guaranteed to be overwhelmed by presents and wrapping paper on the most magical night of the year. Making it even more magical.

This gets difficult to keep up for many reasons, two of which I’ve listed here: 1. we are getting older and the presents are getting more expensive and 2. once significant others come into the picture things get confusing. Do we buy a couple gift? Do we just add a new person to the gift giving list? Does this make them uncomfortable? Why am I all of  a sudden completely broke and stressed out?

So  this is why we decided to act our age and experiment with the Secret Santa idea – See if it does in fact ruin Christmas.

Much to our surprise, it did not. It was so fun and so much less stressful and the mystery of who gets who really WAS exciting. Also, my wallet wasn’t half as empty as it usually is this time of year.  We are doing it again this year and I am so relieved.

One part of growing up that stinks is growing out of traditions you try so hard to keep forever and ever. One part of growing up that is great is creating new traditions together with your family, as it grows and grows.

xo k

* for more Norman Rockwell Christmas moments, click here.


3 thoughts on “Secret Santa: by K

  1. When i was nine, I remember writing down items what I own that my sisters liked in each small paper and fold them, put it in the top hat along with lots of confetties. On the night of Christmas eve, I have two of my sister draw one paper out of the hat and granted them whatever the small paper said and wrap those gift that night to give them on the Christmas morning. It became a sweet memory of my 9th Christmas. I wish I can have some of that sweetness back on my grownup Christmas.

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