Getting in the spirit: by K


Before I start, I’d like to respond to the last comment in J’s post. First big budget musical?  I really do take growing up down the road from Broadway for granted. I will have to remember this for J’s next trip to the big apple because a life without big budget musicals is no life at all.

Now onto a more pressing matter at hand… Holiday Spirit. Anyone else having trouble getting into it this year? I am not sure what the issue is but every year it is a 50/50 chance whether or not I’ll feel the warm and fuzzy feelings I look forward to. Last year I was away from my family for the weeks leading up to Christmas so looking forward to my homecoming was enough to keep the spirit alive and well without any real effort on my part.

This year feels different. I’ve had to actually force happiness and joy into my own face in order to feel something. It is working…in short spurts… but has definitely been a conscious effort on my part.

Music has achieved the best results so far.  Specifically A Very She & Him Christmas album that came out last year and, as always, Mariah Carey’s original Christmas Album. She never fails me.

Also hot chocolate.

How do you bypass all of the shenanigans going on in your life to get into the holiday spirit?

xoxo k


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