spaghetti alla puttanesca: by K


Besides my family marinara sauce recipe – this southern Italian dish was the first dish I made sure I knew how to make before moving out on my own. Not only is it delicious, but it is incredibly easy to make AND it looks so very impressive when serving it to friends, as J can attest to. Also, I love that the literal translation of spagehtti alla puttanesca is “whore’s style spaghetti.” I have no idea why, but I like how it sounds so I’ll accept it without question.

Check out J’s post for the recipe. Another tip: this sauce is great over white fish. I’ve put it over Cod, with some delicious foccacia bread for dipping purposes. Because you must not let any of this flavorful sauce go to waste.

The anchovies might be a deterrent…or you might want to take them out of the equation all together, but don’t. Just use less to start. These little guys add the right salty kick to the sauce while providing you with the fabulous omega-3s we all need to make our brain work better. And who doesn’t need their brain to work better.

The night I made this in SF for J and some friends, we had one friend at the table who wouldn’t eat anchovies if you paid him. He is also an extremely stubborn man so – challenge accepted. Watching him unknowingly eat the sauce riddled with anchovies only to reveal the ingredients after he admits he loves it was way too good a win to pass up. If I was wrong and he hated the sauce right away – there was always the second course and some bread to satisfy him. But I am always right. So I was not worried.

He loved it. I win.

xo k


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