a sweet story: by K

Saturday Night Live

A friend posted this short interview from the Huffington Post Comedy page on facebook and I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

It’s less of an interview and more of a sweet story Bill Murray tells about the last time he saw his good friend and fellow comedian Gilda Radnor before she passed away. It’s nothing more then a silly hour he spent carrying her around a party (literally)  making her laugh as hard as she could. He knew on some deep level this might be the last time he saw his friend, since she looked so thin and frail, so he made the choice to make those moments as ridiculous as possible.

He tells this story with such honesty, you almost feel like you were there with him – hearing her laugh so hard she can’t breath and watching this ridiculous man carry her upside down around a party of grown adults.

I felt grateful to come across this story yesterday because it gave me the chance to think and reflect on all of the special relationships I have in my life and how the memorable moments that stick to you like this moment has for Bill, are never moments you plan or  moments you assume will be the most memorable. Instead they are the moments that seem to sneak up on you for whatever reason and never fade into the back of your memory bank.

It’s a reminder to just be aware and notice these moments when you feel them – the concept that we shouldn’t be on a quest for this idea we all seem to have of happiness, but instead notice happiness when it appears and be grateful for it.

xox k


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