leather and lace: by K


I did that thing again where I convince myself I am a unique fashionista whose idea it is to bring leather and lace back into the picture. Why don’t I realize when I am being brainwashed. This frightens me.

Anyway – Leather and lace are back and better then ever and apparently I had nothing to do with it.  I love the black leather dress above from French Connection – Though I am only five feet two inches, so I need a leather dress that stops above the knee, not below.  I also need one that is less then $400.

My dress of choice for this new years is the deep V lace French Connection dress. I am not sure if I am brave enough to wear it, I’ll know that as soon as I try it on.  This will be my first actual new years eve bash where I am required to dress up so I am half excited half totally stressed. I need to fit into what right after Christmas??

After all of the complaining I do year after year when it comes to this fateful night, I finally have a fun party to go to with a dance floor and everything – and all I can manage to do is stress about a dress.  Ain’t that always the way.

That aside, I am determined to start 2013 off in a fabulous way and so whatever I wear must be fabulous. Maybe a little risky too. Because that’s also a good way to start a new year.

Have you figured out your new years outfit yet? Or did I just stress you out…

xoxo k

Deep V Lace Dress from French Connection|Leather Dress from French Connection|Lace Dress from BCGB


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