New Year’s intentions: by J

Like many people, despite its cliche, I still look at the New Year as a time to bring a better version of myself into being.

I started thinking of my New Years resolutions as intentions a few years ago. Resolutions felt more external to me, where intentions were more about an internal direction.

This helped me because my goals are usually about my internal landscape. Less about losing weight and more about being less critical of myself and others.

As intentions, I can look back and decide if I have made progress and not just completed a task.

Starting this blog with K, has been one of the greatest achievements for me as it helped build a bridge between the 2582 miles between us, it forced me to write most days, it brought me face to face with my deep inner critic, which I learned to quiet, and it forced my writing into the world, whether I liked it or not.

So thank you 2012, and to you lovely people for reading and your comments, and to K for being the perfect blog partner for me,

and welcome 2013,

xo J


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