powered by you: by K


A lot of my posts have centered around the idea that positive thinking can make a difference in your day to day life therefore making a difference in your life as a whole. Focusing on small moments throughout your day makes you feel more powerful and in control and the more you feel that way, the better equipped you are for the bigger life decisions that come at you.  Kind of a sneak attack approach to getting the life you want.

The main problem with positive thinking is, we are in complete 100% control.  We like to think that is a good thing, but in reality it is a really hard thing. For whatever reason we don’t like having to depend on ourselves for our own happiness. It’s much easier in the short term to blame everything around us than it is to look inward and change perspective.

This is why we read any book on the topic, post zillions of inspiring quotes on our facebook walls or if we’re old fashioned (like me) on pieces of note paper posted all over our desk.  We will take any help we can get to persuade ourselves to think positively.

A very creative and intuitive lady named Amy Humes created a line of positive thinking decals for children that I bought instantly for two very special little ladies in my life.  Let’s face it, every habit we have as adults – good or bad – every talent or skill, we can trace back to when we were kids.  The earlier you can train yourself to change perspective and believe you have control over your own thoughts, the better.


These decals are pretty to look at, stick anywhere you want and say all the right things.  They are not digital, you can’t plug them in, they don’t talk back to you, there’s no game involved… it is, in a sense, completely “powered by you.”  This is why I was pretty nervous giving them as gifts to a 5 and 3 year old.  With all their cool gadgets why would they spend anytime with a pretty piece of paper that “does” nothing? I also had a hard time explaining it to the more inquisitive 5 year old: “So if I press this… I will giggle??” … “If you press this, you will feel better.” It felt like a lie, but it really wasn’t. That’s just my adult brain not believing …probably because I didn’t have these decals as a kid!

The best was helping them stick the decals up in their room…one for The Greatest Day to press before school, one For Giggles when they are sad and one for Sweet Dreams before bedtime.  To my surprise, they couldn’t wait to touch them before bed. The 3 year old pressed it a few times actually.

Amy’s line is called Oola and you can read all about her and this great product here.  She also makes a set for adults. I know a few people who could benefit from this one…


I came across this wonderful product on a blog run by an old friend called Mommy Testers. The main Mommy Tester, Jillian, works with a group of moms to test out anything kid related, including new toys on the market.  It’s a great resource for any mom or anyone looking for a fun creative gift to get their mom friends and babies.  I highly recommend it!

xo k




best New York Pizza: by K

joes-2 joesmainpizza

J’s post made me want pizza. And right now there are only two places I can say 100% make the greatest pizza. Ever. There used to be three…and the third was actually my very favorite but last I checked it has been closed down due to multiple health code violations. We won’t talk about how many times I have A. eaten there and B. fought to the death defending this place.  Anyway…moving on.

The only reason behind the rating here is the convenience factor. The number one spot goes to Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village. It is the traditional stop and eat a slice while standing up place that only NYC can do.  It’s definitely a NYC landmark.  Watch Conan tell you all about it here.

Number two, I have mentioned before, Mario’s Restaurant in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue. They only serve pizza for lunch. This is the traditional sit down with a glass of wine and a full pie in the middle of the day place that only NY can do.  Don’t ask them how they make their sauce. They will not tell you.


Buon appetito!

xo k

Joe’s Pizza pictures taken from here

SAG Awards: by K


I never really watch the SAG awards but I made an exception last night. Mostly to see the pretty dresses (I was disappointed for the most part) and was pleasantly surprised to see Bryan Cranston win best actor in a drama series for his work in BREAKING BAD. I love this show even though it makes me feel so many terrible things… And I was happy to see Mr. Cranston get the recognition he deserves for bringing to life one of the nastiest, most evil characters on television.

And for what it’s worth I think my favorite look of the night was Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey in her vintage Chado Ralph Rucci dress – side boob and all.


xo k

Marimo love: by J

I had no idea what a marimo was until my little sister received one as an early birthday present.

I have such an inexplicable desire to have one.

A rare type of free growing algae, they retain their round shape by being tossed by waves, and when heavily oxygenated they float.

Etsy is telling me this is clearly not a new thing, but it’s new to me.

xo J

image from this cute Etsy shop that sells the little guys

remembering the Oreo: by K


As we get older there are quite a few unspoken rules we all seem to abide by.  The most recent one I have come to notice is that after a certain age it is no longer appropriate to purchase Chips Ahoy, Oreo Cookies or any of your other childhood favorites. Instead, if you are going to be an adult buying cookies the cookies must be wrapped in fancy cellophane baked by someone named Susy and/or packaged in a kraft paper box tied with hemp twine.  They must also cost a stupid amount of money.

I had an Oreo cookie the other day for the first time in …years.  And it was honestly one of the most pleasant experiences I have had lately.  That Oreo (ok I had 3) was so much more than a cookie.  Instinct took over and I could not eat it without separating it apart and licking the cream from (just one!) side.  I ate it slowly and enjoyed every bite.  I hate to sound cliche but this cookie has the power to take you back to a simpler time. A time of consistently getting 8 hours of sleep, feety pajamas and He Man. A time when three cookies was just a taste and not your quota for the month.

What I’m saying is, don’t wait to have kids before you try an Oreo again. Do your soul a favor and after a long day at work leave the scotch glass in the cabinet, pour a glass of milk, dunk away and enjoy the memories. You will be pleasantly surprised by the power of this little cookie…

xo k

photograph taken from here



Day spa: by J

Last night 4 girls and I headed to Imperial Spa in Japantown.

The decor hovers somewhere between high end spa and community centre.

We soaked and steamed, and doused our selves in cold water, and of course chatted.

A day pass which includes access to a red clay sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, cold pool, yellow clay room, towel and amenity services costs $25.

We all left feeling refreshed and relaxed, especially my two friends who splurged on full body scrubs and massages.

While nudity seemed the norm, we opted for bathing suits.

Is it a North American convention to feel more comfortable naked around strangers than friends?

Happy MLK day, hoping you feel relaxed and rested,

xoxo J

beautiful sauna images from here