New Year’s Intentions: by K


I like this idea of feeling grateful for the past year rather than focusing on all of the things you want to change about yourself or your life in the year ahead.

Every year we make these lists – and in some ways I think its good. The change from one year to the next gives you the opportunity to stop and look inward for a minute and make sure you’re on the track you want to be on. That is all well and good and productive. But this year I feel differently. I don’t know about you, but I tend to make the same list every year – eat healthy, exercise more, get more artwork done, finally do this finally do that… travel… stop being so crazy about everything… And with the making of the same list year after year comes the disappointment of “well why didn’t I get all this done last year when I said I would? And what makes me think THIS year will be any different?”

As I get older that self deprecating voice in the back of my head gets louder because I tend to be more realistic about myself and my fears and limitations. THAT is not a good way to start a new year. So this year I am focusing on what I accomplished in 2012 and how to keep that momentum going. Instead of saying, this year I will paint more I am reflecting on the artwork I did accomplish and how pleasantly surprised I was with myself at the completion of each project. That feeling infuses me with the motivation I need to keep at it, and feels more productive then to stop and say… this year I will do more then I did last year. As though I somehow failed myself this past year.

Understanding what holds you back from being the best you, you can be is more important then making a list of the same goals over and over again. Because we are human beings we tend to overlook our accomplishments and focus primarily on our ‘failures.’  When the only way to get over these so called ‘failures’ and make progress is to trust ourselves and our own abilities.  The way to do that is to focus on what you HAVE done.  I bet you’ll be surprised.

This blog is one of those accomplishments for me.  I did something I was afraid of and learned that things are never as scary as you think they are.  I blew past a fear of mine, with a best friend by my side, and now I know that I am capable of overcoming more than I thought at the start of 2012. So I’ll take that new found knowledge of myself and apply it to whatever else scares me at the start of 2013.

My New Year’s resolution is simple: Believe in myself more. And everything else will fall into place.

Happy New Year everyone!

xo k

ps happy birthday sister ❤


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