Girl crush Louesa Roebuck: by J

K’s post on women in film and television got me thinking about the importance of role models, which encouraged me to finally make regular a post topic I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

The girl crush post is intended as a place to highlight women I find inspirational. Whether it be due to a talent, a skill, an approach to life, or just a a generosity of character.

Louesa Roebuck will be the first for 2013.

Image of Louesa from here

I found her while walking through the neighbourhood I live in. Her tiny boutique flower shop, nestled on a side street in Hayes Valley, is lush and bursting with hand made local pottery and her beautiful flora arrangements.

image from her shop from here

Her work is remarkable in its use of foraged flowers and branches, which she refers to as gleaned. Elegant branches whip from unique vases interspersed with found beauty and the loveliness of decay.

I am completely inspired by her modern, ecological approach to business, and to the clear artistry in her eye and hand. She turns simple found elements into beautiful statements, and has a relaxed and clear personal style and a bright energy.

She also provides the flora for many of Sf’s best restaurants, and keeps the In Bed with HD buttercup, her shop is attached to, full of perfectly selected greenery.

More girl crushes to come in 2013, and please let us know of any of yours,

xo J

ps video of her creating a magnolia arrangement and talking about her approach to her work via remodelista


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