Philippines trip: by J

IMG_9013_1 IMG_9294 IMG_9693

The first photos are from our trip to the island of Coron in Palawan. Perfect for snorkeling, diving, swimming, eating and relaxing. We stayed in those adorable cabins on the beach.

A misty day at Taal, the volcano within a volcano. We are actually on the inner lip of the larger volcano, which is populated by restaurants and other businesses. The smaller volcano is in the centre surrounded by water.PHP_0018 PHP_0019 PHP_0021

Some shots from the drive to Taal. We pulled over and stocked up on pineapples and my first jackfruit.PHP_0030 PHP_0032

An official Marienda, the meal between lunch and dinner. The happy pig is a dish called lechon, favored for its crispy skin. The gentleman is making bibingka. It’s a lightly sweet, spongy, eggy pancake, that is topped with freshly grated coconut.PHP_0038 PHP_0047The Philippines is a striking contrast of modern development, pollution, natural beauty, rich culture, and heartbreaking poverty. The people are characteristically warm and friendly. My understanding is there is an emerging middle class. I loved being there surrounded by family and food.

Happy Monday,

xo J

ps photo creds to the hubs


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